As a new practice owner or even as a new partner in the practice, you'll want to concentrate on growing the business so as to maximize your return on your investment (ASAP)!

This means focusing on the things that will really swing the needle for you.

The biggest keys to growing your practice rapidly are;

  • increasing owner compliance of recommendations from the vet for their pet
  • stand out from any other pet care provider by being 'different' (to them) in what you do
  • add value to the visit, value which makes the price they paid (for that visit) seem minor by comparison.

It very easy to do this with a 'tool' that only the BEST practices know of and use.

This 'tool' is the Pet Report Card.

When you complete a Pet Report Card at every patient visit, you'll quickly become the pet provider of choice, you'll see a huge increased uptake of your recommendations and the client will perceive you as having extraordinary value.

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